[Loadstone] Database redesign

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Thu May 8 05:58:22 BST 2008


  If the database will berestructured some day i'll suggest following 

- User id seems to be currently only 16 bit integer. When user base 
increase there will a risk of duplicate user ids.

- There could be a  last modified field in the point data. When importing 
database  is update only if the imported point is more recent than same 
point in the database.

- There could be a new class of points, route points. These points are 
sorted list of lat & lon coordinates and a comment. These point have no 
relation with the point database and could be freely exchanged with other 
users regardless if they have similar points in their databases. Maybe 
these routepoints can someday replace current checkpoint system.

  - Personally i do not find much use for separate 
point classification data.

- There could be an option to attach a voice  recording to the point. For 
practical reasons these recordings will not be   included when exporting 
the database.

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mr. M01510

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