[Loadstone] Ok, next step forward - first (actually second) import done using 0.70

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Wed May 7 23:27:36 BST 2008

Ok, just finished (after around 9 hours) importing the second file of the 
two first this time around, and at the end of the process, it says:
import complete, 49949 entries new entries added, 1 entries updated, 0 
duplicate entries ignored

Will (if I get the time to have it happen) try import the other (first from 
last time) file tomorrow and see what it's result is.

Might also try export what's currently in there first, or at least backup 
the database etc. first.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...Fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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