[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.70 released

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Wed May 7 05:36:27 BST 2008

The file is called file_formats.
I'm not sure if the sun and moon distance calculations can be changed, 
there's a lot of math going on in there that I really don't want to touch if 
I don't have to. Someone that knows more about astronomic calculations may 
be able to provide some kind of conversion.
The rise and set times are for the current day and location. This may be a 
bit confusing if you show these after they've already happened.

On Tue, 6 May 2008, Dave Mielke wrote:

> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2008/05/06 at 20:11 -0700]
>> The keys.map file can contain blank lines and lines starting with # are
>> comments. You'll probably see this in your own keys.map file as loadstone
>> would have added new defaults to it.
> Yes, that's where I got the idea that # could be used for comments but wanted
> to check just to be sure.
>> There's a file distributed with the
>> source code that explains all the loadstone file formats.
> I have the source. What's the path to the file?
> I think it might be better to have a "Show Userid" function rather than to
> "hide" it in "About".
> Might it be possible to have a way for the astronomical functions to use the
> current distance unit (kilometers, miles, etc) instead of earth radii?
> Are the sun/moon rise/set times for the current day, for the next day, or for
> the next events?
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