[Loadstone] Loadstone as a gps receiver

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Wed May 7 03:05:25 BST 2008

I'm not sure how this functionality would allow wf access users to transfer 
points to loadstone. Turning loadstone in to a receiver would be rather 
difficult I think since it's not going to be able to transmit a continuous 
data stream.
The one feature we do want is the ability to playback an nmea log file. Then 
you could simulate a receiver by playing back a previously recorded trip. If 
you could write an emulator in linux that could playback an nmea log (at the 
correct output speed) I'd be interested in that code.

On Tue, 6 May 2008, arimo at iki.fi wrote:

> Hi
>  I know, the subject sounds a bit weird.
>  I made a demonstration of different gps applications today indoors but
> couldn't show all the features without a gps coverage.  Because i have
> earlier made a  Linux application that emulates a receiver i though
> similar feature would be handy in a mobile phone. Because LS already has
> an ability to move virtually in the map it's functionality could be
> extended to transmit relevant location information via bluetooth to
> another navigation application. With this functionality user can for
> example send LS points to any bluetooth-capable navigator. WF Access users
> could also transfer their favourites into LS.
>  On my emulator only gga, rmc and gsv sentences are used. Emulator has
> commands to set lat and lon coordinates separately, could transmit any
> speed, heading and altitude data and has function to perform a simple move
> n meters to direction x. or move continuously at given speed to given
> direction.
> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
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