[Loadstone] third series install

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 6 21:46:24 BST 2008

monty, Rob and Shawn

Thanks for the signed version for 3rd Edition phones. I had no problems with the download and 
installing it on my N73, N75 etc...

The training mode is very nice. I like the way you get into and out of it. The trip meter is also a 
very nice function and works well with the existing short cut keys that you have setup. I also like 
the fact that I was just able to copy my existing databases from my 6682 to my 3rd Edition phones 
without having to rebuild them. Same for the Check point file and last pos file.

I will be making a Donation to you guise.

Great! Job!

Signed: Stephen Giggar
Skype: dr-phone.

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