[Loadstone] Loadstone as a gps receiver

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Tue May 6 19:52:13 BST 2008


  I know, the subject sounds a bit weird.

  I made a demonstration of different gps applications today indoors but 
couldn't show all the features without a gps coverage.  Because i have 
earlier made a  Linux application that emulates a receiver i though 
similar feature would be handy in a mobile phone. Because LS already has 
an ability to move virtually in the map it's functionality could be 
extended to transmit relevant location information via bluetooth to 
another navigation application. With this functionality user can for 
example send LS points to any bluetooth-capable navigator. WF Access users 
could also transfer their favourites into LS.

  On my emulator only gga, rmc and gsv sentences are used. Emulator has 
commands to set lat and lon coordinates separately, could transmit any 
speed, heading and altitude data and has function to perform a simple move 
n meters to direction x. or move continuously at given speed to given 

You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
mr. M01510

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