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Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Tue May 6 14:22:29 BST 2008

Stephen Giggar <sgiggar at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> The default when you press the End call button is to end the application

That's wrong in this universality. On most 1st and 2nd edition devices the
default is putting the current application into the background.

> and I'm glad to see that loadstone follows the standard set out by
> Nokia/Symbian.

*Wich* standard? there is no over all valid standard.

> This will help get people using the correct way [...]

I asked you before: who do you think you are that you think, you can
appoint the correct way for everyone?

The end key mainly is the key to end a phone call and to return to the
default standby screen for all phones I know. It's the quickest way to go
to this central place of the device. I think, the behavior of the 1st and
most of the 2nd edition devices is the better one, much faster and much
more intuitive than long pressing the menue key, arrowing to the standby
application and then pressing select. I assume, the end key schouldn't kill
a running application without any confirmation. It's very easy to
accidently press the end key and I often was very disappointed when this
happened and I had to start and setup a particular application from start.

Btw, the contact , the protocol and the menue application violate this
"standard" of 3rd edition devices, they stay in background when pressing
the end key. Nevertheless they are not shown in the task list brought up
when long pressing the menue key... if you would like to get rid of them,
you have to kill them explicitly by pressing the del key in the task
list... in case of the menue application you have to go one step further
and to install a third party application to kill it.

And to answer Sawns question... IM+ is an application which doesn't exit
promptly when pressing the end key on 3rd edition, it stays active in
background. And imho this is the best way.

Because of the bad readability in context.
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