[Loadstone] Further info regarding progress etc.

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Mon May 5 18:43:49 BST 2008


Along the lines of what we've being looking into over the last week or so, I 
had two of Cearbhall's geonames export files to import, both with around 
50000 entries in them.

Anyway, along the lines of thinking about memory issues etc., I in fact 
backed up my whole memory card on my 6680 (was a 64Mb card), and moved 
everything over to a 1Gb card that I had laying around that I normally use 
for other things relating to PDAs etc., and then restarted the phone with 
that one in.

Anyway, phone does seem to do one or two things slightly slower, and one or 
two menu items on my 6680 were in fact now in different orders.

Anyway, while I had in fact imported the first file in the period of around 
3-4 hours from start to finish, this second import took around7-8 hours, but 
when it was done (and for interests sake, you can just press the hang up 
button to revert to the phone's normal operations, and it'll carry on in the 
background), I then did an export to see how many entries it had actually 
loaded, which, for some or other reason seems to now basically have turned 
out at 44000 - although, this export took around 3 hours in the background 
so maybe it was in fact missing something.

Either way, now when I start loadstone, it takes around 15 seconds before it 
seems completely co-operative, but allows me to load points both manually, 
and automatically using the # key in navigation mode, and apart from that it 
works fine, if taking a bit longer to in fact complete searches now.  Will 
maybe just have to choose random entries in both import files to try find 
out why some of them either aren't being loaded, or exported or something, 
but don't think it's really a major hassle as such as long as I can in fact 
still load my own points.

Also, FWIW, on the MMC which the phone seems to think is around 997Mb, I 
still have around 872Mb available, and the default database seems to be 
around 2.76Mb, while the latest export file is 2.75Mb, but not sure if it 
indeed took all the points I tried to import, or whether it'smissing 
something since both of the imported files were around 3.1Mb when I loaded 
them - who knows.

Anyway, all seems to actually be working fine now, and will try one or two 
more things and see how it all goes.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...Fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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