[Loadstone] Creating my map

Logan McMullen lmcmullen at rnzfb.org.nz
Mon Mar 31 23:28:33 BST 2008

Hi rob,
Thanks for that..
I'd extended my search radius out to 9999 and thought that this might be
far enough!
Are you suggesting that if my search radius is set to say 10 it won't
show any points in the database ..despite being in exploration mode?
My understanding that was I could use exploration mode to querie the
database and there was no need to have a GPs fix etc...if so, then I
should be able to find points regardless of the search radius shouldn't
Thanks for the help.

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	Hi Logan,
	Set your search radius to the distance between NZ and the US and
be patient.
	At 4/1/2008, you wrote:

		Hi everyone,
		I've encountered an issue which I'm certain can be
sorted by you all.
		After downloading points from the share exchange(points
in San
		Francisco) , importing the downloaded file as per other
databases and
		getting the message that 6348 points added etc that the
points are not
		available .
		The handset and receiver are in New Zealand so I
appreciate that the
		points will not be available in navigation mode but even
in exploration
		mode an error message is given from loadstone that there
are no points
		found ...
		I have tried "Find point" and no points(which are in the
database) are
		found through this process either.
		The downloaded file has been imported into both a blank
database and the
		default database with the same issues yet the file(when
viewed in
		notepad) has the correct header row(point, name, etc
etc) and the format
		looks fine..and I assume that as the points have been
pulled from the
		exchange that they are correct.
		Any thoughts/ideas greatly appreciated.
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