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Cearbhall O Meadhra cearbhall.omeadhra at idd.ie
Mon Mar 31 22:01:17 BST 2008

Dear Sean et al,

I have succeeded in extracting and formatting the POIs from GeoCities.org. I
find that I now have 22,764 points. When I chop off the first 200 entries I
can load them into my Nokia 6680 without any trouble. However, I cannot load
the 22.764 points! Is there a known maximum no of entries/ 

I have searched the loadstone site but I cannot find any answers on this
subject although I think there was some discussion not so long ago.

All the best,
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Hi Gian,

We (Pranav, Kiran and me from India) did explore the possibility of
converting the points file on geoname.org for India into a
Loadstone-compatible format. Given the size of the points file and the
discrepancy between the two formats, manual cleanup would involve a great
deal of effort.  Should you decide to write a script/macro to perform the
conversion, we would appreciate it if you could share it on the list.


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> Hello
> Is someone using geoname.org ?
> On the site
> http://download.geonames.org/export/dump/
> You can download a lot of points data.
> I think they do a similar project like us. So we could work together and
> define a sharing standard data format.
> Is it possible to convert such data to LS format? Or can someone create a
> script or macro?
> Gian
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