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David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 26 10:16:09 GMT 2008

I did wonder if my mail reached you, when I saw several offering to help on the list, even though your mail specifically said to contact you off list to volunteer for the project. Regardless of whether my mail made it or not, I'm glad you have what you need.

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  Thanks to everyone for your strong response to gather a group of testers. 
  We now have a small group using a variety  of models and editions. 
  Apologies for not getting back to all of you individually and offers to 
  help were appreciated even though we now have enough.

  In addition I hope to be able to provide an update regarding future signed 
  versions of Loadstone GPS in the near future.

  Stay tuned...

  Best regards,

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