[Loadstone] Pointnames and routes, was: More questions...

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Mar 25 10:23:27 GMT 2008

In the thread 'more questions...' the problem appears to be in the 
pointname. In the first post of this thread G states that she tries to 
incorporate a single point into two 'routes'. This is something that most 
of us will have encountered. She also states that the name of the point is 
'turn left', and that is what's wrong. Giving a point a name that is a 
directional command not only tells nothing about the position of this 
point, but also is not valid if the point is approached from the opposite 
position. Pointnames should be a description of the position of that point 
(preferably the address) which makes for the universal use of a point. In a 
future version of Loadstone GPS there will be a possibility to add a 
'comment' to a checkpoint. This comment field could contain directional 
commands, and since this comment is restricted to the checkpoint it will 
not interfere with the pointname as recorded in the database of points. In 
fact we have developped a tool that will calculate directional commands 
between points that then can be added to a list of checkpoints and saved as 
a 'route'. In the mean time don't give points a directional command name 
but try to describe the position of that point in a way that is also useful 
for others.

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