[Loadstone] Updating Phone Firmware

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Mon Mar 24 21:09:40 GMT 2008

Nokia 6680.

Biggest problem was that when you go into the manual registration option of 
talks, it couldn't 'see' the IMEI number, but when I installed/tried out 
another package, and used the SMS option it did in fact work, but was a bit 
of a problem for a little while.

I also still have most of my contacts retrieved from the PC suite backup, 
but FWIW, some of them, while there, don't have any real contact information 
therein, so not sure if they were just 'corrupted' or something, but who 

Basically I was also told that it may have something to do with the bunch of 
various software packages I was in fact testing/using on the phone 
(LoadStone, the vOICe, FExplorer, and a couple of other small things like 
MP3 players etc. etc.), but also not sure if it would have made a difference 
if they were in fact installed on phone memory, memory card etc. etc.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
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> Jacob,
> Thanks for the warning.  What kind of phone do you have?    I understand
> that I will have to reinstall my screen reader and loadstone as well and I
> plan to back up my contacts and other data.
> Paul
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