[Loadstone] More questions...

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Sun Mar 23 08:14:31 GMT 2008

Hi Robbie and all,

> As far as I'm aware, the 'isolate checkpoint' feature only applies to a
> single checked point. So Loadstone will ignore all other points in the
> vicinity. The 'use checkpoints only' function does the same for a group
> of several checked points.
How does one create a group in Loadstone? If my database has 20 checkpoints 
altogether, out of which I would like to have five specific check points in 
a group, how do I configure that?

> However, if you only check those points which apply to one route, you'd
> leave the ones for the other route unchecked, so they wouldn't interfere
> with your current route.
This is a cumbersome option, as all the points I ever create with Loadstone 
are check points. Checking and unchecking points to suit specific routes can 
be time-consuming.

> I have also saved the respective checkpoints under route related names and 
> assigned the 'load checkpoints' function to a number key, so they
> can be activated quite quickly.
Again, does this hotkey load all the check points relevant to a specific 

Many thanks.

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