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Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Wed Mar 19 06:02:42 GMT 2008


   Learning route mode would be great. Instead of fixed time period i'll 
prefer fixed distances, user adjustable  20 to 100 meters for example. In 
addition where user stops for a considerable amount of time, say 10 
seconds or more and places where heading changes. Also  if there already 
is a point along the route it could be included and of course when user 
manyally enters a route point.

  LS could  beep or announce every automatically entered route point.

  These points do not need much data: lat and lon coordinates, serial 
number and optional comment field or pointer to existing point.

  These sroute should be editable afterwards, at least remove unnecessary 
route points, 'fix' them to already existing points and add comments. 
Automatic removal of intermediate route points os  a straigh route would 
be nice  feature too.

  To follow a route it has to be selected manually or automatically. On 
automatic routing LS searches for route database and picks the nearest 
rooute and determines the direction, forward or backward.

  When following the route LS presens few waypoints a head and one behidn 
the user. Ahead and behind are determined by order  route points are store 
and if the route is reversed or not, not based on user's current heading.

  According user preferences there could also be points of current database 
or checkpoint list visible.

  Another way to guide a route is to continously  announce remainin 
distance and relative heading to next route point or couple of them. With 
second route point only a relative heading is required, for example
"next 25 meters at 12 o'clock, then at 3 o'clock"
to  indicate user is approaching a crossing to turn rigth.
   When  user reaches route point  next one  is selected automatically.

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On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Kiran Kaja wrote:

> In the route mode (when ever it is implemented), there should perhaps be an
> option to record the route for the first time automatically so that it can
> be used later. For instance when I start from a particular location,
> Loadstone can automatically save points at regular intervals as well as when
> the direction changes. I am not sure how practical it is though...
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 4:09 AM, Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com>
> wrote:
>> On an uninstall all the data, settings, keymaps, databases etc. should
>> remain intact. When you install another version if it's installed to the
>> same place as the previous version things should just work as normal. At
>> least this should be the case between 0.68 and 0.69, this isn't always the
>> case as sometimes file formats may change but this is rare.
>> As for checkpoints, your best bet would be to have separate files for
>> different routes if the routes have overlapping points. At the moment
>> there's no way to select a destination point, loadstone just figures out
>> what checkpoint you're currently heading towards if any. We are planning a
>> route mode (or whatever it'll be called) at some point but we have to
>> figure
>> out how this will work.
>> On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Geetha Shamanna wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I will be uninstalling version 0.69 and installing an older version of
>>> Loadstone on my 6600 in order to be able to access the Export/Import
>>> options. On
>>> uninstalling Loadstone, will the existing database remain intact? Also,
>> can
>>> I use it as the default database in the fresh installation by simply
>>> reloading
>>> that database?
>>> How does the 'Isolate point' feature work? For example, when travelling
>> from
>>> A to B, how do I specify B as my point of destination?
>>> Also, is it possible to club a list of check points that are valid for a
>>> particular destination and have just those points displayed on selecting
>>> that destination?
>>> For example, there are five check points that map the route from my home
>> to
>>> office. And there are five more check points that map the route from my
>> home
>>> to the bank. Since the office and bank routes overlap each other to some
>>> degree, Loadstone would announce all the check points pertaining to both
>> the
>>> bank
>>> and office when in the overlapping stretch. If I have two check points
>>> called 'turn right', one pertaining to the bank and another  pertaining
>> to
>>> the office,
>>> I would hear these check points announced twice, albeit at different
>>> locations. I realize that one way to circumvent this problem is to have
>> a
>>> separate
>>> database for each destination. But is there a simpler solution?
>>> Many thanks.
>>> Geetha
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