[Loadstone] More questions...

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Tue Mar 18 16:05:07 GMT 2008

Hello all,

I will be uninstalling version 0.69 and installing an older version of 
Loadstone on my 6600 in order to be able to access the Export/Import 
options. On
uninstalling Loadstone, will the existing database remain intact? Also, can 
I use it as the default database in the fresh installation by simply 
that database?

How does the 'Isolate point' feature work? For example, when travelling from 
A to B, how do I specify B as my point of destination?

Also, is it possible to club a list of check points that are valid for a 
particular destination and have just those points displayed on selecting 
that destination?
For example, there are five check points that map the route from my home to 
office. And there are five more check points that map the route from my home
to the bank. Since the office and bank routes overlap each other to some 
degree, Loadstone would announce all the check points pertaining to both the 
and office when in the overlapping stretch. If I have two check points 
called 'turn right', one pertaining to the bank and another  pertaining to 
the office,
I would hear these check points announced twice, albeit at different 
locations. I realize that one way to circumvent this problem is to have a 
database for each destination. But is there a simpler solution?

Many thanks.

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