[Loadstone] Importing my own import/export files

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Mar 18 11:12:43 GMT 2008

Well, the values for latitude/longitude aren't quite obvious. The values for 
these are a number with 7 decimal places devided by 10000000 to get the 
integer value. If you don't have 7 decimal places then just pad with 0 and 
then remove the period. The satellites field doesn't matter at all, just set 
to 0 if not entered from a gps. Accuracy is a bit more important, set to 1 
if unknown but if known it's basically the accuracy in metres devided by 8 
with no decimal places. For priority if this point can be freely shared then 
it should be set to 0. If the point can't be freely shared then set priority 
to 1 to have the point share system completely ignore it or 2 to restrict 
the point but the system will still store it. Do not set priority to 4 since 
that marks a point as deleted. Values other than 0 1 2 or 4 will cause 
problems so don't use those. The important part is the userid and id fields, 
these uniquely identify a point. The userid should be your userid as 
obtained from another exported file. The id field must be unique to each 
point. The phone uses the current time stamp when entering points but if 
you're manually generating entries then you have to be sure the ids you 
generate won't collide with anything else.
There's probably something on the loadstone tools page that will do what 
you're trying to do.

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Jacob Kruger wrote:

> Hi there
> Along the lines of the fact that I still can't manually enter those points
> into loadstone for whatever reason, I'm about to start playing with possibly
> creating my own small application that'll sort of store my points that I
> enter in a DB and will then be able to create the relevant import files for
> me to then load into loadstone.
> Basically, I'm planning to use the basic format of the current exported
> files and just replace the content, but was just wondering about one or two
> small things.
> Firstly, the content below would be what I would use to import just one
> point:
> name,latitude,longitude,accuracy,satellites,priority,userid,id
> "arwyp selfgen",-260134359,28016271,1,6,1,6567,1193290269
> Obviously, instead of -26. whatever, it seems to use -260... with the period
> being replaced by a 0.
> Only things I'm really wondering about is the recommended values for things
> like accuracy, satellites, priority, id etc. since things like latitude,
> longitude, userid etc. are somewhat obvious.
> (and let's hope this one works out for me - LOL)
> Jacob Kruger
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