[Loadstone] How about a temporary LS?

Julian n1ca at arrl.net
Wed Mar 12 19:11:16 GMT 2008


Nobody's suggesting that these features be irradicated from LS.  I agree
that what might seem useless to some may be crutial to others.  What those
of us with 3rd edition phones who currently can not install LS are saying
is that maybe we'd rather put up with a stripped down version of LS (until
this signing issue is resolved) as opposed to no LS at all which is the
case for me and the others who have echoed similar sentiments.  Now take a
deep breath and relax, there's no need to be so quick to attack someone
for expressing an opinion.  Afterall, we're all adults here and we should
be able to express opinions, offer suggestions and engage in civilized
discourse without attacking each other.


> Ari Moisio <arimo at iki.fi> wrote:
>> [...] Although cell info is a nice feature i have learned to live
>> without
>> it.
> You're not alone on earth. Others may have different requirements.
>> In addition somer receivers such as Holux M-1000 are so sensitive there
>> is no need for alternative location methods.
> Again, you're not the sun and all others are not circling around you.
> Sitting in an underground the Holux M1000 will have no signal too.
> But there is GSM-coverage...
>>   Time syncing i have not used, network operators provide adequate time
>> syncing services at least in Finland.
> Finland is not the world. In germany there is no network operator
> providing
> time synching service.
> The cell stuff and the time synching are both very usefull features, I
> don't want to miss them.
> --
> Because of the bad readability in context.
>> Why is "Text on top, fullquote at the bottom" so bad?
>>> "Text on top, fullquote at the bottom"
>>>> What's one of the most annoying things on the net?
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