[Loadstone] Symbian signing

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Mar 12 15:53:39 GMT 2008

Hello All,

I too would like to urge everyone to sign the pitition asking for the 
removal of the "Catch-ya"  on the Symbian-signed web site.  If enough 
people sign, maybe something can be done!

Further to the Loadstone signing situation let me explain where we're 

First, apologies to those of you who are experiencing difficulties with 
installing Loadstone on to mobiles running the Symbian 3rd edition 
operating system.  As previously mentioned on this list, the methods and 
actions used by Symbian Signed are completely out of our control and all 
we can do is our best to try and minimise the level of annoyance felt by 
Loadstone GPS users.

I appreciate your frustration and although your suggestions of ways to get 
around this are helpful please understand that we are aware of most 
potential remedies and are doing our up most to make things work. 
Loadstone GPS is a fairly complicated programme with fairly complex levels 
of programming code.  This is highlighted by the fact that no one outside 
of the Loadstone development team has contributed  source code to the 
project.  We do however realise and appreciate the hundreds of useful 
suggestions users have brought to the table and hope they continue to do 
so.  My point is that modifying the code to meet a temporary need isn't 
necessarily as easy as you may think.  Having said that the project is 
"open-source" so if you have  a working modification you would like to 
submit than by all means please do.

We are currently working on a solution we do feel will benefit everyone. 
We are in the process of acquiring information and authorisation that will 
allow us to provide signed versions of Loadstone so that all of this messy 
signing non-sense will disappear for our users.  Further more, in keeping 
with our philosophy, it will be free.  This is without help from Nokia or 
Symbian as thus far both have been silent.

Hopefully by communicating this to the community you will know we are 
actively trying to solve this issue and we can move on with using and 
enjoying Loadstone rather than going over these topics time and time 

We will keep you informed and your continued patience is appreciated.

Best regards,

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