[Loadstone] How about a temporary LS?

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Mar 12 15:30:20 GMT 2008

I too feel that the time sync and cell site status is useful though I'd 
perhaps take a more diplomatic aproach to making my point...

I can say that in my experience providers in the United Kingdom as well as 
Canada do not offer accurate time information.

Also, as I previously mentioned, imagine you are on a train  that is not 
announcing  stations.  Then, imagine that your GPS receiver's battery is 
unexpectedly flat  and you haven't a clue where you are as it's the last 
train and your carriage is empty.  If the cell sites are labeled on your 
route, you're in luck and can query Loadstone's cell function and find out 
exactly where you are.  This has happened to me more than once!

Best regards,

  On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Charlie wrote:

> Ari Moisio <arimo at iki.fi> wrote:
>> [...] Although cell info is a nice feature i have learned to live without
>> it.
> You're not alone on earth. Others may have different requirements.
>> In addition somer receivers such as Holux M-1000 are so sensitive there
>> is no need for alternative location methods.
> Again, you're not the sun and all others are not circling around you.
> Sitting in an underground the Holux M1000 will have no signal too.
> But there is GSM-coverage...
>>   Time syncing i have not used, network operators provide adequate time
>> syncing services at least in Finland.
> Finland is not the world. In germany there is no network operator providing
> time synching service.
> The cell stuff and the time synching are both very usefull features, I
> don't want to miss them.

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