[Loadstone] online petition, was: Signing failure

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Hi Sean,

I spoke to a friend at University yesterday and he is checking the 
disibility discrimination act for me. He is a lawyer and certainly knows his 
stuff. Hopefully he will get back to me fairly quickly. I do suspect that 
they are breaking the act.

An article that appeared on the GW micro list last year referred to a 
student in an american university who attempted to access an american web 
site. this he found impossible. He did take legal action and won his case. 
Parker at vip conduit sent the story. I will check to see if it is maybe in 
the archives. Just another lever that maybe used to persuade those in charge 
of web sites.

Regards, John
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> Thank you for this link, this is a very good idea. I think everyone on 
> this
> list that has a third edition phone should sign this petition. Even if you
> don't currently have a third edition phone you should still sign since
> your next upgrade will most likely be to third edition. If something
> isn't done about this captcha problem nobody on the loadstone development
> team can sign the program without sighted assistence. At the time of 
> writing
> this 23 people have left comments, Nokia/Symbian could ignore that little
> number so we'll need a lot more. Symbian isn't exactly known for caring
> about what the public or developers think so it's going to take a pretty 
> big
> push to get them to do something.
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Per wrote:
>> Some of you may already know but for all the others: There is an online
>> petition, addressed to Nokia/Symbian. It's very easy to join. The 
>> petition
>> is about the inaccessible signing process at the new Symbian beta service
>> which is called Open Signed Online. Please visit
>> http://mobilespace.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/open-signed-online-not-accessible-to-the-visually-impaired/
>> Btw, the whole Mobile Space Blog is a very good resource for blind and
>> visually impaired Nokia customers.
>> Best regards, Per
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