[Loadstone] 'New' problem with my 6680

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Mon Mar 10 06:08:50 GMT 2008

Hi there

After noticing this URL in someone's message last week:

I started searching for local addresses, and while it initially seemed fine 
when entering them as points based on the latitude/longitude this site 
returned, it allowed me to load around two points before it started now just 
ignoring me.

Basically, I'll go into LoadStone, go options, functions, enter point, type 
in the new name, go down to latitude/longitude and enter their values, go to 
options, and save, and it says nothing to me, and the points don't get saved 
since if I go into Exploration mode and 'scan' for them they're never there, 
and if I search for them using the menu option, also not.

FWIW, It's a Nokia 6680, LoadStone version 0.69, and I've tried this without 
being connected to the GPS unit, being connected with/without a signal and 
it seems to make no difference.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...Fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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