[Loadstone] Special characters rejected by POI2LoadStone converter

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I have not used the POI converter, but when I want to import a table of POIs
as a .CSV file I have always found it necessary to enclose the text in the
name column in double quotes ("). This keeps the comma that is within the
name because the enclosing quotes make it invisible to the coding

Here is an example:

"access to saint thomas community college, bray
"access to saint thomas community college, bray

In fact, I prepare this file in Excel and the only way to get Excel to
surround the name column in Quotes is to put a comma into the text string
within the column!

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Hi list,

could anyone (perhaps developers) specify all characters that are rejected
by the online POI2LoadStone converter? I tried to convert my POIs containing
a comma and the text following the comma including it was always stripped
off POI names. Some time ago, I was told that a greater than sign cannot be
used, so what else? I am making a script for preparing POIs into a CSV file
from multiple CSV and other files, so what characters should I define as
forbidden? Thanks.


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