[Loadstone] Point announcement in Loadstone

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Mar 2 01:19:20 GMT 2008

In order for points to be announced they have to be marked as checkpoints.
Loadstone probably won't interrupt a call with announcements. There's a few 
reasons for this. The first is the speach software, if it'll talk at all 
during a call really depends on the phone model. The second reason is it's 
something that you're just not supposed to do. In fact on third edition if 
the program interrupts a call it won't pass testing and will be rejected for 
signing. The closest thing to a call interruption you may get is the phone 
may vibrate if you have that option turned on. This will also depend on the 
phone, you need to be running second or third edition for this to work.
In navigation mode what points you see will depend on which way you press 
the joystick. If you want points ahead then hit the up arrow. If you only 
want your checkpoints then activate use checkpoints only or use the next 
checkpoint function.
Loadstone doesn't have any such thing as a pedestrian or vehicle mode and 
hopefully never will. What would be the difference between these?
The checkpoints are announced based on the set approach time. This means the 
distance will vary depending on the speed of travel but the time before 
arriving at the point should be pretty close to the same.

On Sat, 1 Mar 2008, Geetha Shamanna wrote:

> Hello all,
> I recently began creating points of interest around my home and office for
> experimental purposes, and have a few questions in this regard:
> 1. Although the Autoannounce option is active, check points are not always
> automatically announced by Loadstone. Also, the phone does not automatically
> beep on nearing a check point. Should any other option be activated in order
> for this feature to work?
> 2. Can Loadstone be configured to interrupt calls in order to announce the
> arrival of a check point? This feature would be useful when travelling.
> 3. While in navigation mode, can Loadstone be configured to display only
> those check points that are ahead? With my current settings I can see check
> points that are some 20 kilometers in the opposite direction. This is of no
> practical use.
> 4. Can Loadstone be switched between pedestrian mode and vehicle mode?
> 5. Check point announcements are sometimes erratic. While some points are
> announced 30 meters in advance, others are announced when I am just 8 meters
> away from them. Can this be made to work in a more uniform manner?
> Many thanks for your responses.
> Geetha
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