[Loadstone] File operations not working on Nokia 6600

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Sat Mar 1 15:29:49 GMT 2008

BlankHi Paul,

I have Loadstone version 0.69 installed on Nokia 6600 as well. While I get the same message on selecting the Import database or Load database options, the Export option works fine. 

  The Load database option might not be working in my case because my phone currently contains just one database which is also the default database. Since that database is already loaded, Loadstone might be displaying this error.

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  I have downloaded Loadstone 0.69 today onto my Nokia 6600, and installed it on the E drive. It all works fine except for the file menu. If I choose LOAD DATABASE or IMPORT DATABASE or EXPORT I get a message that App Loadstone has closed. I then have to press soft key 1 to OK this message and get back to the Nokia Menu and restart Loadstone. 

  the above happens 100% of the time. 

  is this a known bug? Is it perhaps related to my installing Loadstone on the E drive (where there is lots of free space) rather than the C drive? 

  I need to use the Loadstone file menu to explore the bus stop data. 

  Many thanks for your help. 


  Paul Hopewell 

  hopewell at hopewell.org.uk 

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