[Loadstone] Feature wishes, re-issue

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Jun 30 23:24:20 BST 2008

A gps emulator feature would reverse the program, turning it from a client 
into a server. This would be a large complex bit of code with only corner 
case usage. This would be the absolute worst way to transfer points between 
other loadstone users, it would kill the point duplicate checking if the 
data were uploaded to point share. You may be able to get other navigation 
programs to give you data this way but that's a pretty dirty hack. Depending 
on the program that may be a violation of the license agreement. If so and 
that data ends up on point share then we may be in trouble for that as well.
The only somewhat interesting use you mention is to use this as a bluetooth 
relay so multiple phones could use the receiver. An interesting idea but 
given the bugs with the various bluetooth implementations getting this to 
work right would probably be a nightmare. Again thoe, how often would this 
actually be used? It's probably not common for users to carry multiple 
phones with multiple navigation solutions installed on them.
For the use you're trying to make this do you'd probably be better off to 
make your emulator take a loadstone export file and then do all the 
processing you want on the pc. This would also cover the reverse point 
sorting as well. I doubt you'd do this processing on the road but if so then 
a laptop would be the way to go.

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi  Shawn
> On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> I'm not sure how you'd list the points in reverse order, how long would this
>> list be? The limitations of the database engine also would make this process
>> very time consuming on a large database.
>  As i mentioned earlier  points can be sorted by  their ID field.  Speed
> is not an issue here, if one gets lost waiting few seconds would not be an
> issue, its better to have few deep breatsh anyway.
>  I really wonder your negative attitude towards the GPS emulator feature.
> It is after all an application sending data via the bt serial channel. On
> my emulator there were only GSA,  GGA and  RMC sentences sent roughly once
> per second. Probably even RMC would be adequate for most navigators but
> just in case they need  some extra data about the satellite coverage.
>  This will bring at least three benefits to the LS users:
> - It is the easiest way to transfer locations between LS and other
> phone-based navigators including Loadstone.
> - Same connection could be used to relay the actual GPS stream to enable
> multiple phones to use the same receiver.
> - It is extremely cool feature in the world of phone navigators where only
> way to compete is to count how many million POIs each navigator has on
> their maps.
>  Of course this emulator could be run also in the PC but after carrying a
> typical desktop computer for a few kilometers (and a power extension
> cable too)  one migth easily think other alternatives too.
>> Loadstone emulating a gps receiver just isn't going to happen. I don't see
>> any practical use for this feature. Not to mention the technical problems of
>> doing this, what exactly would the program send? And how often would this
>> ever be used? Whatever the usage case for this would be it's probably better
>> off being done using a pc.
>> On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, arimo at iki.fi wrote:
>>> Hi
>>>  Here are two old feature wishes but a new implementations:
>>>  I usuallly save points when sitting in the car to both possible find the
>>> way back if needed or just getting more points.  Because there is usually
>>> no information about street names i just store a dummy placemarker and
>>> fill the details later. To make these tasks easier two new features would
>>> be useful:
>>> - A listing of points sorted in reverse chronological order. The ID field
>>> is  a *NIX-type timestamp so this should not be an issue. Even better if
>>> the relevant date and time is displayed too.
>>> - The ability to use LS as a GPS receiver emulator. This will make
>>> recognizing unnamed points with another navigation application much easier
>>> and faster. Currently i have to manually enter each and every point
>>> manually to the emulator. I don't like to submit a point database with
>>> half of the points named only as slashes '/', a current placeholder of
>>> unknown crossing.
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