[Loadstone] Feature wishes, re-issue

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Mon Jun 30 07:47:08 BST 2008


  Here are two old feature wishes but a new implementations:

  I usuallly save points when sitting in the car to both possible find the 
way back if needed or just getting more points.  Because there is usually 
no information about street names i just store a dummy placemarker and 
fill the details later. To make these tasks easier two new features would 
be useful:

- A listing of points sorted in reverse chronological order. The ID field 
is  a *NIX-type timestamp so this should not be an issue. Even better if 
the relevant date and time is displayed too.

- The ability to use LS as a GPS receiver emulator. This will make 
recognizing unnamed points with another navigation application much easier 
and faster. Currently i have to manually enter each and every point 
manually to the emulator. I don't like to submit a point database with 
half of the points named only as slashes '/', a current placeholder of 
unknown crossing.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

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