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Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Thu Jun 26 08:12:43 BST 2008

Hi Tom

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008, Tomá? Hromádka wrote:

> 1. I have 2 map sources which I imported both in one database. Will 
> Loadstone see data from both maps when they are this way imported?

  Yes.  Once imported point data losts its connections to original import 

> 2. When I run Loadstone, I see many POIs like restaurants, hotels etc, 
> but I can'¨t see any street names or crossings or things like that. 
> That's why I asked about the 2 maps, cause one was with POIs and the 
> other with locations. How can I find out my current street or at least 
> some nearest crossings - something like Where I Am in WFA?

   If you have a database or crossings you can walk  few meters and use the 
arrow up/down keys to look the crossing in front of  you and behind you. 
If there are pois along the street you have to use long up and long down 
commands and  browse the result list until you find nearest crossings.

  There is no notation of streets or connection between the points in the 
Loadstone world, just points with names.

   When i make a poind database to myself i include both street name and 
POI's name in the point data. I also sometimes drop reference points along 
the road, especially if  the direction of the road changes.

> 3. How can I make the navigation, something like "turn right in 200 
> meters, now turn left" etc? I can't somehow find out how to set the 
> start and end point of my route. I just can see that there'¨s a MC 
> Donald's in 20 meters at 12 O-Clock, but I don't know that e.g. I have 
> to cross 3 streets to get to it.

  There is no automatic route calculation but there is a tool at the 
loadstone-gps website to manually plan and download some kind of route. 
Hopefully this functionality could someday be included into Loadstone 
application itself.

  On the other hand; i have found the LS approach just to tell items around 
better than many navigators calculated routes without information any 
items along the   route. For example Wayfinder {Navigator|Access} will 
give no information about intermediate crossings along the route.

  You can also use the locked point feature to  lock the destination and 
use a single command to find out distance and relative heading towards it.

  > 4. Can Loadstone work with the GPS built in an N82?

  Afaik current version requires external GPS receiver.

> That's all for now.
> I'll be happy of any info.
> Tom, E60
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