[Loadstone] New Loadstone user

Tomáš Hromádka t.hromadka at seznam.cz
Wed Jun 25 02:00:13 BST 2008

Hi, I'm a new loadstone user of course with a few questions. :-)
1. I have 2 map sources which I imported both in one database. Will Loadstone see data from both maps when they are this way imported? 
2. When I run Loadstone, I see many POIs like restaurants, hotels etc, but I can'¨t see any street names or crossings or things like that. That's why I asked about the 2 maps, cause one was with POIs and the other with locations. 
How can I find out my current street or at least some nearest crossings - something like Where I Am in WFA?
3. How can I make the navigation, something like "turn right in 200 meters, now turn left" etc? I can't somehow find out how to set the start and end point of my route.
I just can see that there'¨s a MC Donald's in 20 meters at 12 O-Clock, but I don't know that e.g. I have to cross 3 streets to get to it.
4. Can Loadstone work with the GPS built in an N82?
That's all for now.
I'll be happy of any info.
Tom, E60
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