[Loadstone] fexplorer

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 24 11:04:03 BST 2008

Don't you mean YBrowser and not FExplorer? Have you read the documentation on the LoadStone-GPS site 
to see ware the directories are for copying your databases and check point files for 3rd Edition 

For YBrowser, have you explored the settings and shortcut stuff under options to see what they are 
set to?

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> Hi all
> Thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for help with installing
> Fexplorer onto my Nokia 6120. I have downloaded and installed the program.
> It appears to work completely differntly from fexplorer and I am wondering
> if anyone could advise me (off-list if necessary) about to copy and paste
> files, and, how to find where loadstone is to enable me to paste files into
> it's import export folders. Fexplorer is such a simple program for a simple
> techno-illiterate like me, it's such a shame it does not seem to work with
> 3RD edition handsets.
> Brian
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> brian.williams300 at ntlworld.com
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