[Loadstone] Keypad command proposal

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Sat Jun 21 12:14:24 BST 2008


  Because the keymap allow multiple commands for single keypress i think 
the following atomic functions will give more versatility for both 
navigation and exploration mode:

Look  commands

- Look nearest
- look ahead
- Look leftt
- look rigth
- look behind

- Look north
- look east
- look south
- look west
- (and probably the intermediate cardinal directions too)

- Similar command set but instead of looking nearest in given direction 
will show a list of point in given direction.

- find locked point

- use current location as a point and current heading to  the headind 
towards it.

The found point  is referred here as a 'point'. All actions will 
use it as a reference point until new point is searhed:

- Read  point's name.
- Read  point's distance
- Read points absolute heading in degrees
- read point's heading in (simplified) cardinal.
- read point's relative heading in degrees
- read point's relative heading in clockface

- Edit point's information
- lock to point
- Check the point
- move virtually to the point and enter exploration mode


To get current  heading both cardinal and degrees
49 refer_current_location
49  heading_cardinal
49 heading_degrees

to get next point ahead
50 look_ahead
50 point_name
50 point_distance
50 relative_clockface
50 absolute_cardinal

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