[Loadstone] Loadstone on waters

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Wed Jun 18 20:30:15 BST 2008


  I got today an an opportunity to use LS while canoeing.

- It is hard to both operate LS simultaneously. Only solution was to use 
checked points and auto announce but it does not report if the checked 
point is behind. Even repeating auto-announce of locked point would help 
in this case.

  More general solution would be to have a 'learn macro' command. User will 
first give the 'learn macro' command, then give those commands LS should 
perform and then give the 'repeat' command. If there is no 'learn macro' 
command given 'repeat' will repeat just the latest command before the 
'repeat' command. Repeat delay could be determined for example by the 
delay before user issues the 'repeat' command.

- Because it is hard to keep the heading without sight i used the 
loadstone to find straight line back to the starting point, a locked 
location in the beach. Unfortunately the speed was not adequate and the 
gps/LS response were not fast enough to get straightly to the destination.

  One solution would be to calculate a virtual line between users location 
and destination point and report both distance to this line and tell if 
the line is to the rigth or to the left. Also LS could report the 
difference between the direction of the line and current heading.

  For example: if the user's destination is 500 meters easto to his/her 
current location LS will calculate a line, in this case a line from west 
to east and if user is nort from that line report that the line is at 
rigth xx meters. Also if user is moving to the northeast  instead of east 
LS will report that the  heading should be 45 degrees to the rigth.

  This same logic could be applied if LS will someday have 
user-defined routes.

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