[Loadstone] Checkpoints format

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Sat Jun 14 06:59:41 BST 2008

As I see, the checkpoints problem turns up like a bad penny here. Some new LS users complain on a current checkpoint format. OK, it's great that it contains more data than just coordinates, but I insist that it would be easier to create checkpoints if they were as much similar as possible to the database entries; I mean if:
1. Just point name, coordinates and comment were inserted into a checkpoint file (to make more place for comments).
2. Coordinates were exchanged with point name (thus point name went first).
I know that the current format was made "to prevent user from creating large checkpoint files", but in my opinion it is user's responsibility of using checkpoints, especially because it has not yet been tested what is the maximum size of a checkpoint file, that would not break LS stability.
A warning info in the documentation should be enough. The experience will show and time will tell how many points at the same time you can load. I can test it it, if needed.

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