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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jun 13 21:52:37 BST 2008

You can't load an exported database as a checkpoint list because the formats 
are slightly different. Yes, this was done on purpose to prevent people from 
trying to load unreasonably sized checkpoint lists. Also, there's an extra 
comment field in the checkpoint file that doesn't exist in the database. The 
checkpoint loader does try to figure out what it's doing but it's having to 
deal with the old format as well as the new format so things will probably 
go wrong if you load the wrong file type. This will pretty much happen with 
any application thoe.
I'm not sure how a check multiple point function could be implemented. If 
it's based on a search you'd never know how many results you'd get. There's 
a practical limit as to how many points you could have checked at once.
The arrival and approach alarms are being tweaked. I'm not sure why you'd 
check points and then disable these thoe, that's kind of the point of the 
checkpoints. If you don't want the arrival alarm then just set the radius as 
low as it'll go and it's unlikely you'll enter it. The alarms don't go when 
you're not moving. Of course this is subject to gps drift so you may not be 
moving but your gps might be drifting. Try setting the speed threshhold to 2 
and that should help this.

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, arimo at iki.fi wrote:

> Hi
>  I haven't played with checkpoints much before; i consider a little walk
> in familiar neighbourhood a little walk in  familiar neighbourhood, not an
> international fligh i have to plan half an hour before even going out.
>  Because without checked points LS has to be keyed continuously  to get
> any information i finally made an experiment and checked manually all
> nearby points  one by one, thanks God we have show area -function.
>  After this walkin was much easier, auto-announced workes as expected but
> checkin all nearby points and saving them will lead to to two databases
> problem; i have to keep both original database and the checkpoint base
> uptodate and in sync.
>  But then i got an excellent idea; why not to load the exported database
> as a checkpoint database and use it temporarily.  Ok, the checkpoint list
> loaded without errors but...
> -  There were very strange points such as '1', '2' and 'latitude'.
> - all points were thousands of kilometers away.
> Conclusions:
> - There _should_ be a _quick_ command to check multiple points at once,
> based on distance, search string, age (at least newer than some time),
> userid or category if category information will be available some day.
> - There appears to be currently no check of file contend. When loading
> keyboard map as a checkpoint file nothing happened, one could expect at
> least some kind of warning . When loading loadstone.ini as checkpoint list
> the application crashed.
> and  btw: it would be nice too to have an possibility to disable  apporach
> or arrival  indications by toggles, own toggle for both functions or
> disabling them permanently to setting radius to zero. Also some logic to
> disable these alerts  when not moving.
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