[Loadstone] article: n70, loadstone, seeing with sound, etc

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First of all; This isn't really the list to Talks about the screen readers. But in your comment 
about what screen reader is better;
Try both and see what one meets your needs and then go with that one. I think you will find that 
both screen readers are very good at what they do and until you get into the advanced functions; 
Then you will see what screen reader is best for your needs.

Myself; I do not like people such as yourself making comments about the screen readers being they 
have not tried either one and are making statements based on someone's bias, who them self may be 
operating off someone's else's biases.

: Stephen Giggar
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>    Can't find a carrier that supports the n70 phone, since the article
> was about this unit I thought I'd look for it specifically.
> Elsewise, what unit should I select that has the same features?
> 1: multibluetooth (gps, headset, keyboard)
> 2: java (seeing with sound)
> 3: decent amount of memory (sws images and loadstone points)
> 4: ability to play music (through bluetooth headset, wanted for sws
> applet, not music really)
> 5: ability to run mobilespeak (as I understand talx is not as good as
> the other)
> The closest I could come to finding the n70 was a provider that had the n75.
> Also, should I research what protocol the phone uses, get something to
> set up a working mobility solution, then add phone services later?
> No experience with gps recievers either. need help selecting a good unit
> here. can radioshack assist and not leave me with one of those screen
> based gps units for sighted folk?
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