[Loadstone] article: n70, loadstone, seeing with sound, etc

Alan Yoder jayren at vistech.net
Tue Jun 3 22:43:54 BST 2008

    Can't find a carrier that supports the n70 phone, since the article 
was about this unit I thought I'd look for it specifically.
Elsewise, what unit should I select that has the same features?
1: multibluetooth (gps, headset, keyboard)
2: java (seeing with sound)
3: decent amount of memory (sws images and loadstone points)
4: ability to play music (through bluetooth headset, wanted for sws 
applet, not music really)
5: ability to run mobilespeak (as I understand talx is not as good as 
the other)

The closest I could come to finding the n70 was a provider that had the n75.
Also, should I research what protocol the phone uses, get something to 
set up a working mobility solution, then add phone services later?
No experience with gps recievers either. need help selecting a good unit 
here. can radioshack assist and not leave me with one of those screen 
based gps units for sighted folk?

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