[Loadstone] New Uder with Some Questions.

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Fri Jul 25 14:40:03 BST 2008

Unfortunately, I don't have a map of Scotland.  I live in Minnesota.

I believe I can answer some of your questions.  If you keep having trouble with the website, I might be able to get you a database if you give me the starting coordinates or address and how large a radius you would like.

  Loadstone doesn't tell you to turn left and right.  There is a fairly easy way around that.  You can create a list of checkpoints corresponding to a route you want to travel.  Load those checkpoints.  Loadstone will tell you when you approach and arrive at checkpoints on that list.  If you want, you can turn auto announce on.  That will announce the next checkpoint in the direction you are going.  You can figure out which direction you need to turn from that information.  The documentation has very good information on how to do all of those things.

Mike Hanson
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