[Loadstone] Fw: Not Finding Points

Eric Thornley eric.thornley at nexicom.net
Fri Jul 25 01:31:14 BST 2008

Oops, used the wrong email address the first time.

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Subject: Not Finding Points

    I used the 'Point Share Exchange"  to load up my database with street
intersections in my area.  I then created a file in the same format, getting
the information from the 'Geocoder' with 4 street addresses. I used the user
name  from my 'settings folder and copied the formatted (CSV) lines from
Geocoder.  The four points imported with no errors into the default
database, but when I tried to 'Find Point' they would not be found.  I
exported all data from the program and the four entries were all there at
the bottom of the text file.  So ... what did I do wrong.  Does 'accuracy'
have to be set to something other than zero?



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