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Barr, Les lbarr1 at cox.net
Wed Jul 23 20:54:06 BST 2008

That is much better.  The use of Outlook Express as a primary mail client as 
a result of OE being accessible and available on every machine running 
Windows; whereas, Outlook, Thunderbird, PMMail, Eudora, etc. are not on 
every machine and the accessibility mileage varies.

Warmest regards,

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> Barr, Les wrote:
> | I am wondering why the text of your messages are not in the body of the
> | message?  (What is received are messages from your e-mail address with a
> | text file attachment? -- See below)
> Because I sign my mail with PGP and your e-mail program, Outlook
> Express, is broken. This does not affect Outlook (a completely different
> program), or any other e-mail program that I know about.
> Checking your mail headers:
> X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.5512
> confirms my suspicion.
> For this message, I've switched to inline signing, which means there
> will be a load of junk characters at the bottom of the message, so you
> should see the whole thing. If this is acceptable to people, I'll set up
> the address loadstone at loadstone-gps.com as an exception, although the
> inline signing might annoy people with working e-mail programs,
> (particularly those using screen readers) more than the MIME (i.e.
> attachment) based signing annoys Outlook Express users.
> Either way I'd be interested to know.
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