[Loadstone] Points not appearing in searches

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Wed Jul 23 16:18:12 BST 2008


  Just a follow-up: points will appear  if the arrow key is pressed shortly 
in navigation mode  but with long press all points do not appear in the 
list even they are  close.

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, arimo at iki.fi wrote:

> Hi
>  I imported  a database of nearby surroundings, about 7000 points. This
> database contains very precise maps with point named with similar names
> but with unique coordinates and id fields. Priority is set to 2, accuracy
> to 0.5 and number of satellites to 12 to distinguish the points from  my
> own.
>  I looked a nearby   road, Nurmikuja, and at the source there is 18 points
> along the route (the road is about 150 meters long). For some reason when
> i try to find for points i got only one point along the route. With show
> area function i got three newly added points and those points i have added
> earlier.
>  If i search by substring on name (each new point has a common substring)
> the search will return only one point.
>  However when i exported the database back to text file there were 17
> Nurmikuja points (one was probably duplicate).
>  The points seems to be quite close each other and even i used radius of
> 20000 no more points were found.
>  Is there some limitations for nearby points in the searches?

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