[Loadstone] GPS emulator

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Tue Jul 22 07:25:15 BST 2008


  I have asked couple of Symbian programmers how much will 
cost to make such emulator. Of course i'm ready to contribute the money 
also to the Loadstone development if such feature will be implemented, it 
will benefit the whole LS community (and a lot of  WF Access users too).

  Therefor i'll like to know how much adding the emulator functionality 
will cost?

  Extra features needed in addition to send the actual location data are:

- Separate  key commands to move to cardinal direction either short step 
or long step (10 times the short step)

- Key command to adjust the step. The step could be the speed value too. 
For example key up/down.

- command to adjust the heading, for example left/rigth.

- Command to move to current heading, for example select.

- A form to move certain distance to certain direction

- A form to enter the coordinates directly

- A form to set other gps values such as altitude, number of satellites, 
dop values, speed, heading, distance traveled per key command and so on.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

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