[Loadstone] Checkpoint name for complex intersection.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sat Jul 19 19:21:39 BST 2008

Loadttone has an understandable problem for a point at which more than two 
streets intersect (to be more precise, a set of coordinates which occurs more 
than once in the database), i.e. which point to name (more practically, which 
two streets to name). Here (in Ottawa), for example, there's an intersection 
where Carling, Clyde, and Cole intersect. Loadstone has all three combinations 
available to it in the database but it picks Clyde at Cole for algorithmic reasons 
even though it'd be far more meaningful to pick Carling at Clyde as Cole is a 
street which is really only significant to those few people who happen to live 
on it.

There may not be anything that can be done about this insofar as using the 
database is concerned, unless, of course, the point type value could perhaps be 
used to indicate which points are more significant than others. If so, then, of 
course, it'd also be necessary for the data source to be flagging which streets 
are major versus minor.

Now for what actually inspired me to write this note:

When I'm in a Show Area results dialog, I actually do (thankfully) see all 
three points. When I go to Carling at Clyde and check it, however, what happens is 
that the added checkpoint is still given the name Clyde at Cole. Would it be 
possible, at least when checking points, for the precise point being checked to 
be added rather than the more generic selection?

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