[Loadstone] Relative degrees does work

Paul Shelton pbs at paulshelton.com
Mon Jan 28 14:42:34 GMT 2008

Hi Shawn,

Given that this feature has not been coded,  I'm having trouble explaining 
the behaviour I am seeing.

I've intentionally selected a point that is quite distant from my GPS 
location so that drift is not an issue.  The point I have navigated to is 
3700 miles from my home and when I actually go to it in exploration mode, it 
always says it is at 256 degrees.  This is what I would expect.  However, 
when I hit the 5 key,  if I'm sitting still, the heading is all over the 
place but if I start moving,  it seems to lock in on a heading that looks 
like a relative heading.  That is, if I'm approaching the POI, it shows that 
it is around 360 degrees and if I'm moving away it appears to be around 180 

I haven't had the opportunity to try this in a car yet, but this is what I'm 

I wouldn't think that any amount of drift should change my absolute heading 
to a point that is 3700 miles away.

Any ideas?

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> This is absolutely not the way things work. Depending on your heading it 
> may
> look like it's working but it does not do anything with the heading for
> degrees or cardinal modes. In those modes the heading is set to north. 
> Same
> goes for exploration mode, the heading is locked to north. In navigation
> mode hitting select will tell you the closest point with the heading
> relative to north, same with 5 in exploration mode. So if your heading is 
> a
> northerly direction then this might seem to be working but will quickly
> change if your heading in another direction.
> On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Paul Shelton wrote:
>> Monty,
>> Ok, looks like you were right.  If I'm in navigation mode and hit the 
>> center
>> (select) button on the joystick,  I will get a relative heading.  It's 
>> not
>> exactly what I was asking for, i.e., it's not right 20 degrees or left 20
>> degrees, but it is a relative heading.  In other words, whatever 
>> direction I
>> am traveling becomes North so that if I am told the point is at 90 
>> degrees,
>> I know it is off to my right.  The same thing seems to be true in
>> exploration mode.  Whatever point is my current position, if I hit the 5
>> key,  the points position is given relative to my direction of travel.
>> All other points in navigation mode seem to give absolute headings.   So 
>> now
>> that I've stirred up all this traffic on the list,  I think I can just 
>> use
>> this the way it is.
>> Paul
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