[Loadstone] Relative degrees does work

Paul Shelton pbs at paulshelton.com
Sun Jan 27 22:47:20 GMT 2008


Ok, looks like you were right.  If I'm in navigation mode and hit the center 
(select) button on the joystick,  I will get a relative heading.  It's not 
exactly what I was asking for, i.e., it's not right 20 degrees or left 20 
degrees, but it is a relative heading.  In other words, whatever direction I 
am traveling becomes North so that if I am told the point is at 90 degrees, 
I know it is off to my right.  The same thing seems to be true in 
exploration mode.  Whatever point is my current position, if I hit the 5 
key,  the points position is given relative to my direction of travel.

All other points in navigation mode seem to give absolute headings.   So now 
that I've stirred up all this traffic on the list,  I think I can just use 
this the way it is.


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