[Loadstone] Nokia firmware upgrade

Jacob Kruger jacobk at cknet.co.za
Sun Jan 27 09:25:54 GMT 2008


Know I only asked if anyone thought this was a good idea or not, but after 
speaking to a local mobile phone techie guy I tried the firmware upgrade 
anyway, and let me just tell you it's not a good thing.

Basically, Nuance Talks switched back to 10-minute demo mode, and for 
whatever reason I couldn't then re-enter the serial number etc., so will now 
have to get the phone to one of the local techie guys.

One more thing. Some of the software I had already put on the phone is also 
now no longer there, and even though I'll eventually be able to put it on 
again, it's still part of the irritation.

Basically, like it says above, don't 'try this at home'.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
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