[Loadstone] signing process problems

Julian n1ca at arrl.net
Sat Jan 19 06:23:33 GMT 2008

Save yourself the troubles and headaches, use automated signing tool.  Yes
I know it is not free but it's the best $7.95 you'll ever spend.  I went
through a somewhat similar situation and once I got it signed it still
wouldn't install.  When I used the automated signing tool everything
worked great and I'm now running LS on my N95.


Scott Spaulding
> I can't get signed up as instructed in the text file that came with my
> download of Loadstone. I keep getting a message that they do not accept
> email addresses from publicly available email services such as Gmail,
> yahoo
> and hotmail. The only addresses I have are Gmail, yahoo and NetZero and it
> wouldn't even accept the NetZero address. I have a Nokia N75 if that helps
> any.
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