[Loadstone] Find & show area

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Jan 9 06:26:12 GMT 2008

This could probably be done but that would introduce an extra step in the 
show area function making it a bit slower to access.
Access to these functions has been improved for the next version.
I've been thinking of making the find dialog save the last search criteria 
but don't know if it'll get put in or not.
For the results field you can type in the number instead of using the 
arrows. I think the adjustment step is handled by the dialog framework and 
might not be adjustable.
The search radius is in kilometres, consistant with other things.

On Wed, 9 Jan 2008, arimo at iki.fi wrote:

> Hi
>  Would it make sense to combine find point and show area functions to one
> function, at least their result lists look alike. In this combilned list
> there is a dialog as in current find function but the  search string would
> be no mandatory, ie if it is blank all items are listed.
>  This function should be easily accessible in both navigation and
> exploration modes.
>  Another feature wish would be if this find dialog retains old search
> criteria  for example during current  session.
>  In same dialoge it would be easier if number of results could be adjusted
> with step of 5 or 10 at once.
>  Search radius should be  same units as other measurements or at least
> there should be some notification of used unit.
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