[Loadstone] Find & show area

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Wed Jan 9 06:01:56 GMT 2008


  Would it make sense to combine find point and show area functions to one 
function, at least their result lists look alike. In this combilned list 
there is a dialog as in current find function but the  search string would 
be no mandatory, ie if it is blank all items are listed.

  This function should be easily accessible in both navigation and 
exploration modes.

  Another feature wish would be if this find dialog retains old search 
criteria  for example during current  session.

  In same dialoge it would be easier if number of results could be adjusted 
with step of 5 or 10 at once.

  Search radius should be  same units as other measurements or at least 
there should be some notification of used unit.

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mr. M01510

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