[Loadstone] can't get SirfStar 3 module to use WAAS

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Jan 2 23:55:22 GMT 2008

If waas doesn't work it's not too surprising. There's a few reasons for 
this. You may not get a waas signal, they seem to be hard to get quite 
often. Loadstone may not be sending the propper command to turn waas on. The 
manufacturers are free to implement whatever command they want to turn this 
feature on so there's no real standard. You'll only get a waas signal if 
you're standing still so it's really not a lot of help for general 

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008, Alan wrote:

> Hi, I have a new Nokia LD-3W GPS module which uses the Sirf Star 3
> chipset. The unit allegedly supports WAAS. Loadstone supposedly supports
> WAAS. I have now played with the unit for a week, in two metro areas in
> North America, and have never got a WAAS or differential GPS signal. I
> have tried setting WAAS to on, to off, and to unchanged with no effect.
> I have read some posts in the archives and it seems there may be issues
> with the Sirf 3 chipset, WAAS, and Loadstone.
> My question is, can WAAS work or not? (The system, hardware and
> software, still work real well even if the answer is no.) If so, how do
> I get it to work?
> Alan
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