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Gary Steeves g.steeves at telus.net
Wed Jan 2 05:15:19 GMT 2008

Hi everyone:

I saw this on the code factory  mobile speak list and thought it 
might interst some here who are looking for speech programs for the 
symbiant phones.


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Hi all,

This may already be the best bargain of 2008!

Handy Tech North America has a limited quantity of Mobile Speak Smart Phone
and Mobile Speak Symbian 9 licenses for only $169.00 wile quantities last.

We also have Second Voice and upgrade licenses going for only $75.00.  Note
that if you would like to upgrade from Mobile Speak Smart Phone to Mobile
Speak for Symbian 9 or if you would like to go the other way and upgrade
from Symbian 9 to Smart phone, you will need to provide your original
registration information before we can provide you with an upgrade license.

Finely, if you have a Symbian 6, 7 or 8 phone, and would like to enjoy the
latest version of Mobile Speak for this platform, we are practically giving
these licenses away at only $49.99.

So whether you are already a Mobile Speak customer wishing to license a
second phone, in the market for a new cell phone or someone who would like
to pass the joys of accessible mobile computing onto your family members or
friends, this is your chance to purchase for the lowest price ever without
having to buy a specific phone that may or may not meet your needs or make a
long term contractual commitment to a particular carrier.

we will begin taking orders for these licenses when our office opens at 8:00
AM U.S. central time on January 2nd, there is no quantity limit  and all
sales are final.

Here's wishing you and yours the very best for 2008 and much continued
success to the talented folks at Code Factory for many years to come.


Earle Harrison
Handy Tech North America
Voice:  651-636-5184
Fax:  866-347-8249
E-Mail:  earle at handytech.us
Web site:  http://www.handytech.us

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